Something Queer Happening

In Aug 2023 I began a 3 year full time Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at LaSalle College in Singapore. The prospect of going back to school, attending lectures and submitting assignments was somewhat daunting but my goal was to take my artistic practice to the next level and I was determined to get a proper grounding in art history and contemporary art practices. Two semesters later, I find myself coming to the end of my first year. It has been a challenging and exhilarating journey of learning and growth, and my art practice has all but transformed and continues to evolve. I’m so happy that I took the leap of faith to pursue my passion in art and furthering my study in LaSalle. It has been an incredible journey thus far and I am pleased to invite you to our year end open studio event happening on 22 to 25 April, at the LaSalle College of the Arts, 1 McNally St, Singapore 187940, B1-10, 12noon-8pm.

The title of the show is “Everything In Between” and is an exploration of the fleeting, transitional spaces that exist within the spectrum of our artistic practices- The pieces that you see in this exhibition have been specifically created as the final projects of our second semester- they are the capstones of our first year, emblems of our cumulative learning and progress. As our art-making journeys meander, collide, merge and diverge, we are often left in a constant state of flux. As such, we have learnt to embrace mutability and change, seeking to ask rather than solve- each work is thus an open invitation for one to pause, acknowledge and reflect on the transient, the liminal spaces which are not empty, but rather, bursting with manifold possibilities, serving as gateways into wider discourse.

Something Queer Happening


160cm x 200cm x 120cm

Found objects, video, photo collage

Exploring my neighbourhood unveils a trove of found objects, creatures, and individuals, each bearing unique tales and viewpoints within this simultaneously familiar and foreign landscape. This body of work disrupts heteronormative narratives, challenging beliefs, pathways, and norms to offer a fresh perspective. It invites viewers to pause, contemplate, and reflect on the fluidity of identity, gender, and sexuality, prompting a reevaluation of what it means to be deemed 'normal' or 'abnormal'.


Mapping Memories


97cm x 41cm

Coloured paper, tape, soft packaging materials, ribbons and transparent film


Mapping Memories delves into the intricate tapestry of personal histories, examining the intersections of time and space. It encapsulates the essence of diverse experiences, from cities of residence to the cherished moments spent travelling and the profound connections forged with loved ones. Within this intricate web, each memory holds a unique significance, yet they intertwine, layered with emotions, beliefs, and narratives, creating a rich tapestry of interconnected stories.

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