Singapore Sculpture Society Annual Show 2023 - SEEK


The Sculpture Society of Singapore held its annual show this year on 9-17 Sep 2023 at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre Creative Box.  The theme this year was SEEK and was participated by 40 artists from Singapore including founding member Han Sai Por and renowned sculptor Chong Fah Cheong.  I am proud to have been given the opportunity to be part of the Sculpture Society and was privileged to have my work displayed along side these masters.

The piece that I submitted for this event was entitled Wishing Pipe.  Since the days of the caveman, humans have been in search of a connection to a higher being. As an artist, I'm fascinated by how this innate human need continues to our present day, expressed through prayer or other forms of worship. The Wishing Pipe serves as a tangible connection to these aspirations and  longing. It seeks to honour diverse ways of connecting with one’s higher being or aspiration for a brighter future. Through this artwork, I invite viewers to engage in dialogue about their dreams and reflect on their purpose, and embrace their own path towards their quest for fulfilment.

This work was well received and I received many positive feedback from members of the society, as well as members of the public.  My heart felt gratitude to Casey Chan, Chua Boon Kee and Francis Poon for their constant encouragement and support!  



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