Reflections of Bedok Reservoir

An exhibition of John Leong’s works will be held on Saturday 30 April 2022, 8am to 11am and on Sunday 1 May 2022, 11am to 2pm, at Block 742 Bedok Reservoir Road adjacent to the park (S470742).  Admission is free and all are welcome.   

Exhibition Location - Reflections of Bedok Reservoir Park


During the Covid lockdown of 2020 the artist took daily walks around the Bedok Reservoir Park for exercise to stay healthy.

Over a period of time the artist noticed the beauty and bio-diversity of the flora and fauna surrounding the park and was inspired to create ceramic art based on what he observed. The artist also noticed the wild mushrooms that grew at the foot of the trees around the park. Further research lead to the artist’s greater understanding of the importance of fungi in the eco system.

The artist observed that the mushrooms resembled people, they grew in clusters like families or groups of people interacting with one another. This reflected on how the pandemic had impacted our society due to “social distancing” and the revelation that we should not allow “social distancing” to keep us from caring for one another and that we should ensure that the fabric of our society remains strong in spite of the pandemic.

The purpose of this exhibition is to showcase to the public:
1) that positive and good things can come out of a crisis like the Covid pandemic

2) that creativity and inspiration can be derived from seemingly ordinary and mundane objects like mushrooms, grass in the fields, clouds in the sky and ripples in the water

3) the importance of fungi, trees and other plants to our eco-system and the environment

4) the importance of maintaining strong social and family ties in spite of “social distancing”.


Artist’s Bio - John Leong

John Leong Ceramics Artist

After 30 years in the corporate world, John Leong decided to pursue his love for art and develop his passion for ceramics. Trained as an accountant, John took up pottery as a hobby in 2018 and discovered that he had a natural talent for working with clay and glazes. Besides ceramics, his interests in art include painting and photography. 

As a ceramics artist, he enjoys the entire process of working with clay and exploring different forms and glazes. He draws inspiration from his keen observation of nature and the environment, and likes simple forms that convey a sense of stability and calmness.  His works explore the relationship between man and his natural environment, local Singaporean themes, as well as contemporary issues like sustainability, social diversity and inter personal relationships through form and the use of clay and glazes.


Title: My Family, 2021

Family II
Description: This sculpture was inspired by the mushrooms that grew at the foot of the trees around the park when the conditions were conducive for their growth.

The mushrooms grew in clusters resembling people huddling together having conversations with one another. This was in contrast to the social distancing measures which were enforced at that time. The fear of the unknown and extended periods of isolation resulted in heightened levels of anxiety and stress.

This sculpture serves to remind the viewer that humans are social beings and must maintain strong family ties and interpersonal relationships for mental and physical well being.

Series: My Family

Material: Stoneware

Size: (estimated) 23cm(H) x 18CM(W)

Weight: 1869g

Title: Harmony I, 2021

Harmony I

Description: This piece was inspired by the mushrooms that grow at the foot of trees at the Bedok Reservoir Park. It invites the viewer to explore the nuances and dynamics of the interpersonal relationships in a family. What would be required for a family to live in harmony? Are the roles and responsibilities within a family unit always black and white and can boundaries be always clearly defined? Are there some family members who feel left out or isolated and what would be required for everyone to experience love and care within a family?

Series: My Family

Material: Gas Fired Stoneware

Size: 17.5cm(H) x 16.5cm(W)

Weight: 840g

Title: Blue Trumpet II, 2021

Blue Trumpet II

Description: This piece was embellished with motives of the Blue Trumpet vine which grew around the parameter of the artist’s residence. The vines flowered daily and was a source of joy for the artist.

Series: Bedok Reservoir Park

Material: Gas fired Stoneware

Size: 18cm(H) x 19cm(W)

Weight: 1603g

Title: Rejuvenated, 2021

Description: The Bedok Reservoir serves as a collection point for storm water for the surrounding catchment areas. Besides providing drinking water, it helps in flood control as well as recreational activities. It is a vital part of Singapore’s water resources and enables the surrounding flora and fauna to be rejuvenated.

This piece is in the form of a container much like the reservoir and the surface is embellished with carving and glaze that resemble rain water.

Series: Molten

Material: Gas Fired Stoneware

Size: 18cm(H) x 20cm(W)

Weight: 1669g

Title: Resilience, 2021

Description: This piece and it’s little companion was inspired by the fungus that grow on the bark of most of the trees in the park. These fungus are resilient and continue to grow on the bark through out the life of the plant.

Series: Bedok Reservoir Park

Material: Gas Fired Stoneware

Size: Large Piece: 17cm(H) x 18cm(W), Companion Piece: 9.5cm(H) x 10cm(W)

Weight: 1528g

Title: A New Beginning, 2021

A New Beginning

Description: This piece was inspired by the little fungi that were growing at the foot of large trees around the park when the conditions for its growth were suitable. They have a short life, lasting only several days but are incredibly beautiful and delicate. Each cycle of growth is a new beginning for the little fungi and serves as a reminder to us to take each new day as a fresh start.

Series: Bedok Reservoir Park

Material: Gas fired Stoneware

Size: 14.5cm(H) x 17cm(W)

Weight: 1333g

Title: Clouds at Dawn, 2021

Clouds at Dawn
Description: As the pandemic began in early 2020, the artist exercised regularly by walking around the Bedok Reservoir Park at dawn. He was inspired by the rich colours reflected on the clouds at dawn and wanted to capture the mood of the crisp early morning breeze in this piece.

Series: Bedok Reservoir Park

Material: Gas fired Stoneware

Size: 18.5cm(H) x 18.5cm(W)

Weight: 1560g

Title: Bedok Reservoir Park, 2021

Bedok Reservoir Park
Description: This piece was inspired by the views at the Bedok Reservoir park in Singapore. The matt blue glaze represents the cloudy sky, the green represents the line of trees surrounding the reservoir, the dark glaze in the lower mid section represents the calm deep waters and the emerald green at the bottom represents the grass along the banks of the reservoir.

Series: Bedok Reservoir Park

Material: Gas fired Stoneware

Size: 16.5cm(H) x 18cm(W)

Weight: 1260g

Title: Fields of Green, 2021

Fields of Green
Description: During the pandemic in early 2020, all landscaping work at the Bedok Reservoir Park was halted. As a result, the grass at the fields were overgrown, and rustled in the wind, creating a light and airy mood.

Series: Bedok Reservoir Park

Material: Gas Fired Stoneware

Size: 21.5cm(H) x 16cm(W)

Weight: 1268g

Title: Bedok Reservoir Park II, 2021

Bedok Reservoir Park II
Description: This second peace entitled Bedo Reservoir Park was inspired by the changing moods and colours of the park. At times the clouds turn dark and it rains heavily,

Series: Bedok Reservoir Park

Material: Gas fired Stoneware

Size: 17.5 cm(H) x 18cm(W)

Weight: 1364g

Title: Nostalgia I, 2021

Nostalgia I
Description: As wood firing kilns are no longer viable in Singapore the artist utilised a select combination of colours and glazes to recreate a wood fired effect. The artist reflects with nostalgia a time when wood fire kilns were common and contemplates the impact of human activity on climate change.

Series: Freedom

Material: Gas Fired Stoneware

Size: 17cm(H) x 17.5cm(W)

Weight: 1371g

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