The Bedok Reservoir Series

Like millions of people around the world, the pandemic has had a profound impact on my life. Since the beginning of the lockdown in Singapore in March 2020, I have been exercising daily by walking around the Bedok Reservoir Park.  

I observed the incredible colours of the sunrise at dawn, the multitude of plants which have been established for many years and enjoyed the views from all around the reservoir as I complete the 4.5km trail that runs along the water’s edge. 

Invariably, I was deeply inspired by these various aspects of the park and have infused them in my pottery. These pieces include “A New Beginning” which was inspired by the fungus that grew at the base of the trees, “Green Fields” which was inspired by the tall grass that was not maintained during the lockdown, “Clouds at Dawn” was inspired by the sunrise seen across the reservoir and “Bedok Reservoir Park” which was inspired by the scenes of the sky, trees, water and grass around the park. Besides these, there is also the “Blue Trumpet” vase which was inspired by the vines of the same name, growing along the parameter fence of my residence.

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